Our story began in November 1985, when Jerry Sullivan and Mike Andrews formed what was then known as Gerald L. Sullivan, CPA, P.C.  This firm was formed primarily to provide what we deemed to be “honest and honorable services of a traditional nature”.  In November 1987, the firm name changed to Sullivan & Andrews, CPA, P.C.  While building our traditional practice during the late 1980’s, we made a conscious decision to develop a specialty providing services to the commercial construction industry.  During this period our reputation as problem solvers for Hampton Roads area contractors began to spread.  We still enjoy that reputation today.

In July 1990, Taze Taylor joined the firm and we became known by the name we use today, Sullivan, Andrews & Taylor, P.C., or SAT.  Taze brought with him yet another dimension, allowing us to further expand our traditional services practice.  It also facilitated an even broader focus on the construction industry, producing a three year period where the firm grew by more than 400%.  Substantially all of this growth was from area businesses that were in search of meaningful answers and help, and found it here at SAT.

Along the way, and as the firm evolved, a commitment was made to perpetuate the firm through the next generation of professionals and shareholders who saw and share our vision. We now have Hunter Webb, a shareholder of the firm for a number of years, moving into the role of Managing Shareholder of SAT.  Charles Steinman and Rebecca Ferqueron, who together have been with the firm for more than 25 years, have also assumed the roles of Shareholders.

In short, we here at SAT remain committed to those ideals outlined in our Mission and Vision statements.  The nature of our services may have expanded over the years in order to meet your needs, but we continue to be a firm of individuals looking to serve you in the most “honest and honorable” way possible.

Sullivan, Andrews & Taylor, P.C. will consistently apply its philosophy of providing quality, timely and honest service to its clients. We will at all times respect and be fair to our clients and each other. We do not aspire to be the largest or best-known firm in Hampton Roads, but rather the firm believed to take the most interest in handling our clients' affairs in a fair and professional manner. While keeping our clients' needs as our primary focus, we will work to become the best in our field - together. By doing these things, we hopefully will provide some measure of financial success for members of our team as well as our clients and build lasting relationships we can enjoy.